A#4 Patriot Day

September 11, 2001 is day that will always be remembered. It is a day we reflect on those we lost, and it is a day we salute to those who continue to fight for our freedom. I was in the fourth grade when the Twin Towers fell to the ground, crushing everyone and everything beneath them. A terrorism group’s plan of action brought the people of The United States of America to their knees. I have watched many documentaries that reflect on what we lost on that sad day. Seeing footage of the towers being hit and then falling to the ground still give me chills. The photos of that day are a constant reminder of what was lost. My favorite sites that had pictures remembering 9/11 was www.cnn.com and www.usatoday.com . The pictures show shots of the day the towers fell and also how people were continuing to remember twelve years later. Too many innocent lives were taken. The story that I came across was posted on Facebook. A man was on the 81st floor of the second tower made it to the bottom of the tower when the tower collapsed on him. His story was one of perseverance and bravery. He continued to fight through all the rubble and pain to make it safely to his family.     

 Twelve years later, the passion The United States of America has for our troops and the war on terrorism has not changed. I believe now more than ever, when we think about that day, September 11, 2001, we, as a nation, stand up as one and are proud of what we stand for. It is amazing to me that on this one day out of the entire year, Americans can put aside their religious backgrounds, race, and beliefs, and come together and stand up for the America they believe in. We become so passionate and proud of our country.

 I’ve never been one to jump up and down for my country, but the older I get, I realize how proud of this country I really am. I watch videos of soldiers coming home to their families and I cry. Not because I am sad, but because I realize how blessed I am to live in an amazing country. I have freedom of religion and speech that other countries don’t have. We have so many opportunities offered to us as American that we take for granted every day. I am so proud to be an American because I know that even at the worst of times in this country, we can come together and stand united as one.           


A#3 PR Blog Review

For my first blog post, I decided to look at a few other blogs and admire the work they have already put into them.

The first blog I visited was mashable.com .

I found this particular blog post the most interesting because it showcases entertainment, technology, and current news. As a huge entertainment/ technology person, I was surprisingly impressed with the content of the blog. When I pulled up the page, I immediately saw posts about Facebook, covers of Miley Cyrus’ song “We Can’t Stop”, and Instagram. All three of these topics interest me, I found myself actually reading/ watching the entire content of the post. I didn’t just skim the first few sentences like I usually do. I am also a very visual person as well, so the layout of this blog also grabbed my attention. The simple white background made the pictures and black font stand out and not fade in with it. Seeing a picture of what the blog post was about gave me a small preview of what I would be reading about, something that I really like about blog posts. I enjoy getting a little visual to go along with a post. Overall, this blog is a memorable one that I will most likely read again. If you love social media, entertainment, and the next best mobile device, this is the blog for you.

The next blog I visited was spinsucks.com

This blog is all about professional development for public relations and marketing pros. The thing about this blog is it is all about personal professional development in the workplace. As a public relations major, I was drawn to this blog because each post is one that will help me grow in my professional life. I read through a couple posts and saw that they all had the author in common. After a little bit of research, I came to find out the author of those particular posts, Gini Dietrich, is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich. Arment Dietrich is a Chicago- based integrated marketing communication firm. The fact that I was reading the CEO of this company’s blog posts blew my mind. It showed me that no matter how high up she is in the chain of command, she still has professional advice to offer via blog post. She is such a highly respected communications professional, she was recently named the number one PR person. If you are looking for some serious information and great words of wisdom, this is the blog to read.

The last blog I visited was thedailylark.com

This blog drew my attention because of the fact that it more on a personal level that the others. Andy Lark shares what he says on his blog, “rants, ramblings and musings…”. This man is an internationally renowned marketer and innovator in social media. Each posts is about a topic that he finds interesting enough to elaborate and share with his followers. He also shows a lot of humor through his writing and also some videos he posts. I really appreciated the fact that he also has a couple of posts including his wife’s opinion. I feel like that brings the blog to a personal level, which in turn, connects with the public. I also really enjoyed the layout of this blog. It was simple and very easy to navigate. If you want a lighthearted yet professional outlook on business, this is the perfect blog.

After going through all three blogs, I can honestly say I bookmarked all three of them on my computer. I feel like the three each bring something different to the table. As a college senior, reading posts from each blog inspired me to continue reading the opinions of successful business leaders, and grow from their success stories.